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+1 Chris93 and eotskleet – I want to gang the preamp/gain also.

In a church set-up we have ganged multiple stereo inputs on the bottom bank to single faders on banks A&B, 1) to save space but 2) to make it easier for volunteers not to have to move two sliders – or ideally to remove the need for two lots of EQ/Gate/Gain.

Some of the stereo inputs have their input gain/preamp knob tweaked regularly, laptops – iPad, phone etc. Every week I check and the gain of the left is different to the right, because it isn’t intuitive to gang everything else but gain. I originally asked for mono-summing of stereo sources to take place before the desk to avoid this issue but the audio company told us to sum in the desk as we had spare channels… and it so nearly works!