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You have the Stereo Aux usually in a layer on the right side. Bank 2(3 on a GLD112). Let’s say it is on layer B. Now click its MIX button. Now go to an input channel and bring up fader. You now have ST AUX 1 sends on faders. Set mix to your liking. Use PAN pots with PAN buttons pushed(Under Gain)…You can pan the input to the position you want in that mix.(I have not tried that but should work). Now for reverb. The ST AUX 1 MIX button still pushed. Go to layer that has the FX returns. Bring up fader on FX 1. FX 1 should now be in the ST AUX 1 mix. I have not actually tried this since my GLD’s are on demo. But looking at the editor that should be the ticket.