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Both mixers are what they are.
They both have slightly unique different features
What ever suits you will work.
I personally went the QU over Behringer because of back up here down-under in NZ

You need to see the 2 mixers side by side and listen if you can?
When I 1st listened to the QU. I was stunned how damn good it was. And now I have used it both quietly and at about !!0db at the FOH desk.
Ive heard the Behringer up loud as well and that seemed ok as well. Na it didnt …only joking man!
The Qu has 4 more XLR outputs on the desk. That I like.
The X32 Producer looks like it has a future option with their AES50 which interests me. That I like! linking more than one unit from the way it looks from the video.
If you want a mixer to last 10 years I think we all know that the A&H build is right up there for that to happen.
Moving faders… Ive heard the X32 in a local school here has wearing out faders? scarry!
IF..I had to replace faders I would choose the A&H as they look “individually mounted” (with screws) where on the X32 Producer they look like they are in sets mounted on one board? hard to tell from the video.
Its a fierce market out there on this planet that is changing exponentially!

Anyone care for a couple of new slightly used GL 40 channel desks? Only 2 years old. Driven to church only 5 Sundays in 2 years. Not quite obsolete. Just need to find the right buyer.
I paid top dollar at the time but that’s how the cookie rolls.
Good luck with your choice.
dave NZ