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Thanks Hans,

You confirmed what I already thought.

First I thought because off the USB and that DSnake, you could expand the board, but reading more about it, the Snake is for remote audio, not for expanding it. It’s a bit off a shame because then I would need the Qu-24 to reach my needed amount channels. And that one costs €2500.

Also if I’m correct you can not do side-chaining on the gate or on the compressor in the channel strip. For making club music, this is a must have feature. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t implement this.

At this time I’m also looking into the Behringer X32 Producer. It only costs €1300 and with that I will have full 32 channels ins and outs with 16 on board analog ins expandable to those 32 through DSnake, full routing possibility and side-chaining on the gate and compressor, 8FX channels. Also with 16 motorized faders and channel strip for the basic dynamics.

If you compare the possibilities of the X32 vs the Qu-24 with a price difference off €1200, it’s hard to look beside it.

Also what I have read now, the X32 sound quality isn’t bad. The pre-amps are designed by Midas and on the forums nobody complains about the sound quality and also the FX works good. It’s also harder to find comments on the A&H Qu’s on other forums.

I saw Allen & Heath reduced the price of the QU-16 to now match the Behringer X32 Compact, but it even doesn’t have the functions off the X32 Producer. I guess they know that Behringer is kicking all others.

The only thing that holds me back from the Behringer is… It’s Behringer. Their reputation isn’t good. But with that difference in pricing, even when it breaks down in 4 years… I can buy two X32 Producers for the price off one QU-24. And with actual amount off channels, we should be comparing it with the Qu-32.

It’s a real shame, because I thought I found my match with the Qu-16, but after digging deeper it’s seems I need the Qu-24 but that one can’t do side-chaining in it’s channel strip.

Another strange thing is, I can’t find a local vendor in Belgium that actually has a QU displayed. So I can not get a real feel off the board.

Damn, it’s seems to be very hard for me to come to a conclusion. But at this time my head is turning to the Behringer X32 producer, or someone should give me a good reason why I should pay the double and have less features?