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Hi Kibosh,

I can’t help with the Ableton Live questions (although most seem to have been answered already), but I will try to answer your custom layer and channel count question.

The Qu mixer range (Qu-16, Qu-24, Qu-32) has the indicated number of mono input channels (so 16 for the Qu-16, 24 for the Qu-24, etc.) plus three stereo input channels. That’s it, no additional spare channels like on some other digital desks. However, where the signals for these channels come from is configurable. Using USB or dSnake doesn’t add channels, it only provides additional sources for these channels.

In addition to the input channels, there are auxes, effects, and for some desks also subgroups and matrices, occupying the same faders as for the input channels, but on the second fader layer. The custom fader layer is simply a way to select faders from the first and second fader layer into a single layer, so you don’t have to switch between the layers all the time. It doesn’t add anything new that isn’t already on the existing fader layers.
(That’s how it works on my Qu-16. I’m not familiar with the Qu-24 or Qu-32, but I would think it works the same way there.)

Hope this helps.