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Hey Dhak,

Already a big thanx for the help. It was pleasent to see your reaction after a frustrating day at the office. Your explanations sounds very promising.

About Ableton Live 9. What you can do with Live 8, you can do with Live 9 and a bit more. I love it because off the “scenes”. You can create all different paterns, with all kind off variations and stuff. And when done, you can then copy paste or simply record them into the arrangement view. You can download a free trial if you want to check it out. Like you probably saw in the YouTube video, you can for each channel in Live the input source and output source independed from each other. There is no matrix, it’s direct on the channels. For example on channel 6 I can choose the input from the QU, send the output to another channel in Ableton (for example a bus), and then send it back to the QU. It’s very easy. Here is nice video about it:

About your question: I don’t mix live. I only will use two outputs for my speakers. It’s only for EDM, so only to hook up hardware synths, drum machines and maybe a microphone.

I’ve also downloaded the manual but I’m a bit confused about that “custom layer”. With that custom layer you get another 16 faders, on those faders you can then select “mono or stereo input channels”. But with the Qu-16, are there then more then 16 mono channels? For example channels 17-24 from DSnake and 25-32 from USB?

It’s not clear from the manual. So with the QU-16, do you only have 16 channels (for example 10 analog ins and then 6 from USB) or does it have more, (for example all 16 analog in + the custom layer faders with 8 from DSnake and 8 from USB?) If it is the second then I’m fine with the Qu-16, if not, I guess that can be a deal breaker because the Qu-24 is probably to costly. I would find it strange that you can add an expansion with a DSnake, that you only would have 16 channels. I would think 16 + Dsnake or the USB inputs from the DAW.

The Qu-16 doesn’t have a bus, but if the above is like I hope, I can use the custom layer with the USB inputs as a bus.

Another import question is side-chaining. Can you do this with the compressor and gate? For mixing EDM, you need the duck the bassline when the kick comes in. Especially for club tracks. Without side-chaining it all gets to muddy. At this point I don’t think it’s possible, which I find strange because I would think with other styles of music, you also want to side-chain the bass.

Again a very big thank you. You’re input surely helped.