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Hello Kibosh
I had a quick squizzy at Ableton Live 8 on youtube
That was quite impressive
Not sure how the 9 is different to the 8 but I can kind of see where you are coming from.
I was thinking about your scenario and I think the QU will do what you want
However you might want to think in the long term scenario of getting the QU24 (more money but long term… )
More channels to return to QU channels
if you mix live you would have 2 subgroups to your main outs’

Question: so do you mix live and record down to another 2 track out of the main outputs of the desk?
If you set the QU up as a studio desk with the ALT out puts going to studio monitors, i’m pretty sure you can record out though the 2 track out.
hope i have helped
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