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Hi Kibosh
I use Reaper where I could do what you are saying or asking
So long as you have enough channels on your desk you can do that Via
routing matrix within the software in your PC or MAC to other channels to return the mixed signals.
I am talking the Reaper thing here where you can assign any input and out-put to anywhere.
Hopefully Ableton has a matrix where you could do this as well?

Of course there would be issues of latency or are you talking out of time-ness (phase) due to latency of which case every channel has delay however the delay in the desk is in ms

If you can assign out-puts to non corresponding channels then you can return the 1st four tracks to the master return being anywhere and also some pre-recording tracks to 5 6 7 8? and then also add some other synths to 9 10 11 12 but you would have to return those to 13 14 15 16 as you are already using the mic/line inputs on the desk.
As i say I dont know Ableton and its in’s and out’s however if the software is similar to Reaper then you could mix tracks into a sub group and return those into ST1 2 & or3 as well as returning the ITB masters to a channels or ST1 2 &3 as well.. or anywhere back into the QU so long as the channel those channels in the QU are not being used as a FRONT END or anything else.
Its either / or when it comes to channels and assigning the source

So with all this said
the page or TAB on the QU you should be interested in is the assignment or config page 23 of the PDF, (source tab its called)
use either
Local dSNake USB B streaming or QU drive.
hope this helps

The 4 effects are really good.
They can be inserted on channels
driven from a mix send
or used as per the 2 buttons over on the right withing the QU

I think you should study the system block diagram

So does Ableton have a matrix routing system where you tick boxes or swipe etc?
attached is the Reaper example of the matrix router
I use the QU as a side car to mix channels on the fly which can be used like dubb mixing
The QU controls tracks from 25 through to 40
But I experimented with the QU and MAC (& PC) ins and outs and I just couldnt break it.
Fader control loading and flicking between ITB and OTB however that was all a pre recorded multi track.
However on PC there is no return drivers to move faders . bi driectional I think they call it.
And I did have to make template and midi map the faders.
Hope this helps you

dave NZ