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Hey Dhak,

I guess you are on the right track on what I want. I guess it something like an insert but it does not need to be.

I’ll give an example:
On inputs 1 to 4 on the QU there is a hardware synth that just will go into Ableton live and comes back out at the main mix from Ableton to the Qu. Just like I’m working now with my audio interface, a Steinberg UR824. So that should work fine. (I think)

But on input 5-6 on the QU I have some drumsounds I want to heavilly adjust with lots off stuff. I want to send them into Ableton, process them there, and then back into the QU on for example one off those custom channels where I can then process them with the QU’s EQ and compressor as a final stage mix.

On other custom channels, I then want to add some software synths from Ableton, for example NI Massive, into the QU, maybe also processed first in Ableton, but final processing on the QU.

And yes, all the above should be playing at the same time.

I do not want to first go into the QU, record into Ableton, and then playback recorded files. Nope, all realtime. I guess like you have put it, ITB+OTB a the same time. Let’s call it open box mixing, LOL.

Seeing the routing options I think it might be possible. But I only saw some video’s on Youtube and read some. Real life is always something else.

Also therefore my concern about latency. To give an idea: I now reach an overall latency of 14ms (in+out) with a buffer of 128 samples with the Steinberg, which has 8 ins and 8 outs. It’s set at 48KHz.

The thing is, Ableton Live, just as other DAW’s, are very flexibel. For example in Ableton live I can create effects rack without limit on each seperate channel. The limit comes when the CPU get’s hot. I don’t want to loose that just to have some hands-on mixer. Nope, the mixer needs to work together with Ableton.

And having midi control on Ableton’s faders is for me just a nice extra, but I’ll probably use all channels for audio.