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I saw the full Behringer X32, not the Producer, and I could compare it with the Presonus Studiolive next to it. Yes, the build quality off the Presonus felt much better. Probably the Allen & Heath also. But the thing is. I need all those Bells & Whistles and the QU doesn’t even come close. I can’t use my DAW as insert point. With the Presonus I could, but that one is just too expensive and ok, it’s build better but double the price and that’s too much a difference.

Below in this blog you can download WAV’s off a Behringer X32, Presonus Live AI series and the older one, and also a Soundcraft. To my ears the only one that does not sound good is the older Presonus: PS: Download the WAV’s, don’t just listen to them through Soundcloud because that is reduced quality.