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The other day…
Quite by accident I was in a local shop looking at a TC-foot controlled harmonizer.
Right behind me covered with its proper cover was a X32 Producer
So I just had to get the guy to turn it on to look at it.
I picked it up and held… felt the weight… the build quality etc…
Kind of scalloped, shinny.. so if I accidentally spilt my beer over the top, it looked like the beer would sit in the middle so I could wipe it up.

I must say I really think the build quality of the QU leaves it hands down.
The X32 felt quite plastically
The screen was extremely detailed.
I had to get 2 pairs of glasses out.
I didn’t like the feel of the faders. (ever so slight wobbly)
And the very experienced older salesman (same age as myself) said that the other Yamaha desk opposite, which dosn’t have all the bells and whistles and is an analogue desk with digital output sounded much better.?
Of course I’m not biased.
Just thought I would let you know my thoughts.

Does any one know, anyone that has got a QU32 yet?
I’m actually considering getting a GLD112 but but….
There is none here in NZ

Interestingly the sales guy said “all of the young people are coming in here are using Reaper software”
I was thrilled to hear that.

dave NZ