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Hi Kibosh,

In my personal opinion, you should seriously consider one of the Behringer X32 consoles, for the reasons that you mentioned (more flexible in terms of functionality, and better price/performance ratio). I was very tempted by the Behringers myself, and probably would have been happy using one.
Behringer sells these consoles in rediculously large numbers, so they cannot afford serious quality issues. They also seem quick to expand the functionality with firmware updates (but Allen&Heath seem to be catching up quickly with the Qu firmware updates).
However, be prepared to spend some time getting to know the X32 well, because it’s so packed with features that you may sometimes have trouble finding your way around. I think the X32 user interface demonstrates that this is only the second digital console that Behringer have ever designed (the DDX3216 was the first, I still have mine, and still like it 🙂 ).