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Hey robbocurry,

You have off course good points, but I won’t be travelling with the console or doing live mixing. It’s just for my home studio, so when it does break, yes, I’ll be angry, but it won’t kill someones gig.

About the sound of the X32, I found just an hour ago an article comparing a PreSonus AI vs the old PreSonus, The X32 and a Soundcraft. I have to admit after 25 years having a lot off pumping bass through my ears, I might miss some subtle differences, but listening to the 24bit WAV’s you can download from that article through SoundCloud: Soundwise the X32 holds up perfectly against the Presonus and Soundcraft. The older PreSonus is actually the one that sounds less then the others.

It’s a shame the Allen & Heath wasn’t in the comparisation, maybe it does sound better? But PreSonus and Soundcraft aren’t junk boards either.

Another thing is that I emailed Allen & Heath through their website with a bunch of questions last week. Still didn’t got an answer. Maybe everybody is on holiday, or it’s too busy, or they think I’m not important enough. But some off my question still remain unsolved.

It is still not clear to me wether I can use my DAW as an insert point. And if it can do side-chaining on the compressor and gain.

But all that: The reason I didn’t decide yet is in fact the build quality off the Behringer and the reputation they have.