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Hey Kibosh,
Remember it’s a Behringer……..
Opinions vary across the web as to which sounds better, I’ve never owned an X32, but all my A&H stuff has always sounded great.
Of course all the X32 owners think they’re great, being the “King’s New Clothes” et al:)
I’ve heard that the X32 can run out of processing power, maybe a consideration?
I was stage managing a big festival last weekend and the headlining act had two (that I could see) X32s, one Mons, one FOH.
I asked their soundman “why?” given that money was no object. He said “they’re great” and “cheap as chips”.
What he didn’t tell me was that one previously sh@t itself in the middle of a gig.
What price that scenario?
I know no piece of gear is infallible but I know which brand I’d trust more for reliability.
So ask yourself these questions:
Can you afford to carry a spare Behringer? There’s a good chance you’ll need it at some stage….
How long will it last?
What will it be worth when you’re selling it somewhere down the line?
Will you be holding your breath everytime you hit the power button at the start of a setup…..?

Anyway Kibosh, I’m biased, but I think you get what you pay for in the long run.
Good luck with whatever you buy:)