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Great questions.
I’ll watch with interest :+)
I dont know Apleton Live software however some thoughts for you?

So you want to mix live from the QU to your PC
then return at the same time via 2 track or per channel back to the QU? (You can do this to 2 track return, that’s basically mixing ITB)
And is that using the QU faders as midi faders for levels with Apleton?
Hold on I just re-read what you have written there.
Are you saying you are wanting to insert the Ableton tracks on your PC within the channels on the QU16?
At any given time the QU only allows either Mic/Line input. OR USB B streaming. dSnake & the QU drive as well, however you are not asking about those 2
I know the GSR24 you can do this and use PC or Mac as an insert
Interestingly I was just reading yesterday the GLD can use other plugins in real time

Windows driver (Asio 2) are great and have 2 (drop down tabs) settings to adjust latency and samples

QU is built like a tank so its strong.
Ten years use in a studio? That’s a how long is a piece of string question…

You said you want to do all of this in real time?
You can switch between ITB and OTB however that’s between all ready recorded multi tracks on/from your PC or MAC and that’s not what you are asking about
Latency? The crunch….

Bit of a rave there.
hope some of this is helpful.