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today is august 14th, i noted its about 5 days since someone acknowledge there is a problem with the server.

i didnt want to be in this forum, i have been assigned to use a FAULTY QU24, that bugs EVERY 2 hrs.

so i was so amazed by the page loading speed that i actually went to TIME IT. and yes, page loads are on average OVER 60 seconds. i remember the days when i used modems 14.4kbps …

you guys have got to be kidding me right? do you know what this reflects on as a support forum with such dismal speed?

EDIT : after i finished typing the above and pressed submit, it took 85seconds for server to register everything and a refreshed post posted displayed. 85 seconds. when i pressed EDIT, it took 25seconds, OK A&H … for 35 seconds you win a medal? *FACEPALM* . to add this to the problem/glitches i am facing on the QU24 board, this is not looking good.