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I have owned a few Allen and Heath desks and they are superb. The reasons for my moaning is their 24 fader offer in the QU 24 series. I really thought they would have taken it a step further and gone 32. As I said, maybe 2 x 16 faders to reach the 32 inputs and an 8 fader sub group.

I suppose like any other desk Heat and humidity in countries you mention is a killer. It was with the time I spent in Asia. The UK is not so hot …..we have more trouble with cold and wet.

My Theatre was a testing site for the Mackie tt24 which we ended up having four replacements in as little as 12 months until they finally got it right. Having said that I have had a mackie D8B since they first came out and only ever had a battery problem on the main processor so I have to be fair to Mackie.

After selling the Mackie tt24 because it was getting old….still in great condition but I thought time for a change I replaced it interim with two Yamaha O2R’s which I just love because I am a an ex Yamaha demonstrator.

With some of the latest desks now having ipad control I was looking at just upgrading to help my legs running from the stage to the FOH position.

As far as reliability you will find soundcraft and allen and Heath very reliable and as much as yamaha.

Frankly I have heard many stories about all desks but as long as your dealers have good back up you should not really have a problem.

It a personal choice really but for me it’s also pricerelated because of so many budgets I have to meet in my theatre.

Once I have got my hands around a QU24 I’ll decide between the sound probably doing an A/B comparison between the QU and a Soundcraft Expression. Althought the OSundcraft does not have a built in touchscreen, the interface is there and the small touch screens on most desks are not as tactile as a larger touch screen are they. On screens for me….Bigger is Better with my eyes.

One of my associates has a yamaha M7CL with a behringer dd3216 in tow as back up/Monitor desk Honestly. He throws the behringer around and has done for years….Loves it and wonders what everyones problems are so there is just no semblance to the arguments sometimes.

If I were in your shoes I’d get a dealer to bring one along to a job and ask them to prove it in a situation.

Start with the inputs you want that way it will guide your options.

If the QU hits me like my trusty gl2200, my previous ML4000 etc I might even look at two QU16’s which will make my job easier by far. That way I get the inputs, and functionality I want in quite a small footprint as well.

Some bands who I meet swear by their presonus desks give them some research, they might fit your bill.