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Alex said…
there is a brief dropout in the audio, which renders this mixing workflow useless.

I get the same exact results here with my Qu24 running 1.82 and an AR2412, and could not agree with you more.

In my experiment, I was not using the custom layer.
I made the L/R safe with the left and right mains connected to the AR2412 L/R (11-12) outputs and get the 100 millisecond dropout you speak of Alex. That is just a guess on the time of the dropout. When the left and right mains are connected to the console’s L/R outputs it yields the same unacceptable results. 🙁

I even set scene filters to block Output patch, Mix and L/R processing and those don’t help either.
I am reasonably confident that A&H will fix this. I refuse to believe that this is a problem with the D-snake design or the AR2412 because like Chris, I do not have this issue with a GLD and an AR2412 either…. well not that I am aware of.

Hmmm, maybe I should check the GLD too.