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Thank you for your responses. I accidentally duplicated this thread in the General section and most of the replies have been in that thread, so in an effort to keep everything in one thread, please post any further responses there. Sorry about the mess!

Here is what further troubleshooting found:

I did some further troubleshooting and found the source of the issue. When recalling a scene with channels that are only a console preamp, the transition is completely smooth. However when using a dSnake preamp (on the AR2412), there is aproximately a quarter second dropout across all active channels that are using the stagebox’s preamps. This happens even when recalling the same scene that is currently being used as well as when every single parameter is blocked from recall and all channels are safed.

The fact that the transition is seamless, with the onboard preamps tells me that the transition should probably be seamless with the dSnake preamp as well, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Additionally, the fact that this glitch happens on safed channels, seems to negate the usefulness of a safed channel.

This issue renders much of the scene functionality on the QU console useless to me, because I always have open, safed channels that should not drop out when I switch scenes.