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Yes, I am trying to figure this out with three scenes now, and starting to come to a conclusion that the whole scene function is seriously messed up. My Qu-24 does not even store my scene settings any more. If I highlight a scene on the list, and press “store”, desk asks “overwrite”, I confirm, but it won’t do it, the previous contents remain in place. If I start recalling scenes from number one on the scene-list, both “current” and “next” are number 1, with the same name. I now press “next” on a softkey, current remains, but now next changes to number 2. (can’t understand,btw, why you have to press “next” twice in order to actually move to the next scene) Well, the scene scrolls, but no settings are stored. I’ve tried every which way to make the console understand, but to no avail. I am in a the middle of a large circus production-premier getting close-, and I’m f****d with this scene-system. Help!

P.S. it is ridiculous, that “scene previous” can’t be “auto incremental”.