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Well… I really don´t think an inadvertent push of a soft key is an issue with a Qu-console. Qu´s buttons have to be pressed quite firmly before anything happens. On a,say, Yamaha, where the buttons are more of a ´soft touch´-type, and the keys are located in the low corner of the desk it can happen, albeit they are ergonomically in the right place. On a Qu you have to lift your arm to reach the soft-keys, but I understand most users prefer having the mix-select buttons within easiest reach. But I know I´m going to suffer neck and shoulder pains after a hundred two-hour shows with a couple of dozen cues each, hanging my finger over that soft-key… and another hovering over the touchscreen.

I am more worried about missing a touchscreen button, because the screen real-estate is not used efficiently, and the button areas are too small. And you have to lift your arm even more to reach the touchscreen. Perhaps they have left all that empty space to accommodate for more features to come, but most buttons are inconvenient nevertheless. The metering-window, for example, could be a lot clearer to read. Since there are no buttons to press in that window, the metering bars could be a lot bigger, and preferably on a darker background. You can´t really call them “daylight-viewable”. There´s room for improvement in the graphics department, IMHO.