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Sort of. My issues is that the person at mix 1 this week, might be at mix 4 another week (we rotate around depending on the band formation that week). The things that stay the same are 1. where the instruments and vocals are patched into the board and 2. the mix positions on the stage.

So one week we might have:
Mix 1: Jordy
Mix 2: Kristin
Mix 3: Randy
Mix 4: Jared

Then the next week we have:
Mix 1: Jordy
Mix 2: Rosi
Mix 3: Kristin
Mix 4: Randy
Mix 5: Jared

You see my conundrum? I want band members mixes preserved, even though they may or may not be on the same mix next time. Again, I don’t think this is doable with this desk. Just looking to see if anyone else had a viable workaround.