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Fair enough, Brendon, this does the job. But let me nag on this again: It would be great if there was something in the display stating if I’m in the lower half of the GEQ or the upper half with my faders. Actually when I’m on the Processing screen of a mix channel, this is indicated, but not so while I’m on the RTA screen.

Still, some link would be great. One thing I could imagine: The peak band indicator could also make the Sel LED of the corresponding band in GEQ mode flash. However, this should only be active, when PAFL is active for and only for the mix on which GEQ mode is on, otherwise there would be great confusion ahead.

Another thought: Having the RTA on any PAFL signal is great, but it would also great to auto-link it to the mix currently selected instead.

These two features together would allow you to quickly step through all of your mixes, seeing what’s going on and if needed directly adjusting things with the GEQ.