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it’s so awesome that this kind of result is available for a few thousand dollars


Keep on doing what you’re doing. Sounds fine man!
The track reminded me of standing in front of one of the stages at Womad here in NZ
Anyone that plays bass, sings AND mixers the band from the side of stage,
ALL at the same time?
I used to do the same, but playing GTR synth, & record onto to cassette :-> (many years ago)
Tell me… do you use all 16 channels on the QU bottom layer?
Reason I ask… I spent a few hours yesterday making a template where the QU16 can have 2 subgroups with some return hard wiring.
Assigned them to the USER layer over on the right next to the master.
However you loose 2 channels and your ST1/2 in.
and to be honest, you have your hands full now just doing what you do.

anyhow food for thought


dave NZ
where is the next track I can listen to?