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Thanks. Yes, that was just a cut from the first set of a live show in someone’s back yard for a surprise birthday party we were hired for. I used Audacity for the same reason as mixing down in the Qu-16. It’s fast and easy. If I put it in Reaper, Garage Band, or Studio One, I find I play around with it for hours, often giving up, or ending up with a product worse than if I just go bare bones and do it with the mixer.

I mix with the Qu pretty much every weekend, but we mix from the stage so I don’t really get the time to really work on EQ and compression skills until post show. That recording is EQ’d with channel strips only and the main buss EQ flat. So for live work I don’t really need to mess with the channel strips and just need to use the FOH EQ for the room.

Sometimes it takes me a couple of tries because I’ll mix it down with headphones in the garage (can’t get the mixer in the house as it’s racked) and then run the file upstairs to see what it sounds like on my studio monitors. I’ve really been trying to work on the lead vocal EQ, that’s me signing, and bass guitar EQ, and am getting happier with both.

Lastly, I’ve found I’ve had better luck NOT using my studio headphones when mixing down. Instead I use the headphones I wear at work, which are decent, but small portable type and not studio phones. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t flat. They are what I’m used to so when I mix down the reference I have is what I’m used to hearing other pre-recorded music sound like.