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Hello. To set up for Reaper (QU16) with MacBookPro… If you hard reset the QU.
Go to the (setup page) custom layer fader level page.
Make the first fader midi by scrolling the knob which sets each of the custom faders to whatever.
Set the first fader (to midi) and then depress the ‘function key’ which says +1
one at a time touch the midi key they will all become midi faders. You need to make the midi Chanel 1 but A&H sends control on midi channel 2 (this was confusing to me)
You will need to install the A&H DAW control app (version 1.1)into your Mac. Easy!
Plug in the USB=B (on rear of QU) streaming is what we are after. Full duplex.
Run the App in you mac with it all plugged together.
Within that App click on ‘show preferences’ tab.
The App control page appears
Follow the attachment pic as below.
Open Reaper up
You will need to follow setup instructions from the DAW setup page as described by A&H.
Add tracks. I have found running 32 I can flip between the 2 sets of 16 tracks by highlighting with mouse first set of 16 or second set of 16 track the faders follow effortlessly, mutes and all control settings
Now if you follow the instructions to install the Reaper control (within Reaper)like the DAW install instructions..
It should work fine.
I return the sound from Mac (Reaper Master) into ST3 however you can return that nearly anywhere from inside the Reaper Matrix.
You can easily flip between Master into ST3 or return all channels back into themselves.
You can mix ITB (in the box) or OTB ( out of the box within the mixer)
Remember to set incoming data at the Processing Tab ‘source tab’ local, dSnake’ USB then USB-B streaming
Hope this helps
My guess is that with 24 channels you will want to add a third set of control change.
Same as GSR24M