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I don’t get your argumentation. How can you say channel naming wasn’t promised if having scenes was promised? What is the sense of having scenes in which you can store everything but… the channel names!?!? And then say “ohh, no that was never promised”? It’s like being able to store files on your computer but… names? Oh, no, we never said you could name that.

Nevertheless, user permissions are still not there. The firmware is unfinished in terms of what has been promised since the beginning. I’m giving up my fight against the Bellringer too. And one big reason for me? Channel naming!

I don’t believe there will ever be any other parameters for the compressor, or a de-esser, or EQ band colors, etc.

And: I’m happy I returned my Qu-16. And I think others should be allowed to write what they think or feel. It’s easy to see that the regrets expressed are sincere. That is called complaining and there is nothing wrong with it. You dont’ have to like it, though.