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Wouldnt say the UPS is a must but a good idea for sure. The GLD is amazing compared to pretty much all the other digi consoles. I have to use an LS9 at a venue I work at lots and after 3 months of using the GLD every day for 2 very big theatre runs I have gone back to the LS9 for some contracting work and wow its so clunky. Nothing is intuitive! If your guys can get their heads round the Presonus and can use an ipad then they will find the GLD a walk in the park!

Dante will take a little bit to get your head around but once you do its simple! For your engineers its maybe a step too far but the beauty of dante is that once it is set up you shouldnt need to change anything. Also as for switching the networks. Dante is simple and excepts switching and VLan’ing very easily. The managing network again is no problem for anything. The monitor network is fine as long as all the ME-1s or Avioms are on the same VLan. The only thing to be careful with is the DSnake network. A&H say dont switch this network at all but in my experience its possible and works okay. But make sure its on its own VLAN with security set up between that and the other networks. Also it is worth baring in mind that this adds lots of possible points of failure that the standard DSnake network wouldnt have.

Hope this helps