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Thanks for the replies! I have not worked with Dante as of yet, just wanted to be sure I was on the right track. I recently upgraded all our switches to gigabit and we have vlans in place for the tech team, but I will likely add a separate switch for the consoles anyway.

To answer a few questions, my volunteers understand the GL4000 well. I am still working with their troubleshooting skills in some situations. We have a couple of the Presonus consoles that we use for our mobile setups. While I feel the Presonus products are very simple, it did present a mental challenge for them. After numerous setups with various requirements, they’ve learned their way around those consoles and work with them efficiently. I am hoping they will quickly grasp what’s necessary to operate the GLD consoles in the same manner. If I decide to go with the GLD-112, I will more than likely have an install party one night and bring everyone in to install and test.

Quick question…I noticed the GLD has a “power down” button in the GUI. I assume it’s very necessary to power the mixer up and down via the GUI? I am thinking I will need to power the console separate from the existing power sequencer.