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So firstly the learning curve. Once you get the engineers head around the fact that the IOs are separate from the channels and the channels are separate from the faders its easy! That has been my old school analogue guys biggest headache.

As for the Dante side of things. Certainly you wouldn’t need a second set of AR’s although your broadcast desk would only have 4 outputs so as long as that is sufficient then you are fine. You may find it beneficial to have an expander unit connected just so you have another 4 outputs but that depends on what you plan to do with the broadcast desk I guess.

As for the channels, you have the chance to send 64 items of sound in either direction – TOTAL. So this means from the FoH desk you could send all 48 inputs plus if you wanted the LR from the main desk and maybe a group or two etc etc. When you configure Dante using the controller you choose what devices are then set to receive what channels.

Although it is possible and I have done it I would suggest that each multi track machine receive the signal from the primary desk. This is not alway possible and I have done this myself but it did add a lot of extra traffic on the Dante network that was not needed.

The important thing is to make sure you dont add anything that is pointless to the network and then interfere with the QoS on the network.

For example. I did a multitrack the other day. Now when my engineer set it up he set every channel from the desk to record to the mac running reaper…. Now that was fine except 15 of the channels were coming in via dante in the first place. So they were coming into the desk and then the desk was set to send them back out again. I simply changed the controller to allow the recording mac to also receive the 15 channels from the mac running QLab to save on extra processing on the Dante card and extra data on the network.

Basically the long and short of it is that anything is possible with Dante and the GLD but be careful how you implement it so that it doesnt affect your event!