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My initial response is yes to the above although I have not actually done one of these type systems yet. Only single GLD. You would not need extra AR boxes for the second console. Just DANTE in both.

As for recording. It is my understanding that should work also. You can set this up using gigabit switches.

As for learning curve. The console is fairly easy. I would say one if the easiest I have seen. I have trained several folks to run one. They were used to large format analog consoles. The big thing is getting it configured. Once done it is just learning to deal with layers and mix routing. Knowing where you are and what you’re seeing vs hearing. I setup many DCA’s to simplify mixing. It is a different thought process but I think most people can adapt to it fairly easy. Usually do instrumental sources on bank 1, pulpit, pastor, vocals, choir on bank 2 and all master DCA’s on right. I have some slightly different approaches to this from being both a live/broadcast sound and commercial studio engineer for 35 years.

Hope that helps some. Will be glad to assist more if I the need arises.

George Cumbee
Mid-America Communications Audio/Video Services.
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