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I would take a Chinese made product to extremely high standards any day.
Companies have products made in super high tech facilities in China from all over the world.
The design requirements often come from smaller countries etc… however to keep the cost to the end user down and to ensure an extreme high standard and production a lot of electronic circuit boards are made in China.
NZ has some great high tech designing companies that get the finished product made in China.
Sorry if I misled you..
I have not got a QU32… I checked out the local distributors “demo” QU32
I still have to wait for my 3 to arrive which starts hopefully later September.(although I need at least 1 imediately)
The fader knobs on the QU32 are the same as the QU24
Its only my own personal preference of fader knobs .
The touch on the fingers. I have been a musician all of my life and I prefer a flatter feel. Not scalloped.
I change the knobs on my QU series any how to represent sub groups and EFX “as I like to use the “user defined layer”
The early QU16 fader knobs were like the GL knobs
As a sound guy I used to carry an awful amount of external processing (EQ’s and comps) around with me to jobs and I don’t have to now.

The one layer EQ (flip mode) at a glance will be superb!

The big question for me is where to get cases!
Light weight pressed or moulded cases that one person can handle.

davE NZ