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My Qu-16 fits perfect in my rental company –> small, ease of use, high quality and works perfect with dSnake! If I need more, i would rather take the GLD-80 with me than a Qu-24 or Qu-32! This products only make sense if it comes down to the price – where a GLD is too expensive! Next featured products should be either a 19″ GLD with enough knobs on the surface (not like the R72) or the iLive2!

iLive2 with a special price for the iLive users.. i can understand the iLive users are disappointed that there are more features released for the GLD and Qu than for the iLive! But i also know that the engineering platform isn’t the same – that’s why it isn’t that easy to adopt the features 1:1 to the old iLive! And before A&H has to develope more features for iLive i would rather see a new console with faster software and touchscreen (like the GLD) but not with the limitations like Channel-Count! Bundled with a special replacement-deal – i think everyone would be happier than “just a further feature like the transient controller”! (I like to compare it with the best notebook ever that was released 10years ago.. you can still update RAM and Disk-Space – but after a few years the prozessor, display etc. isn’t anymore the “best”! Solution is either to stay with a solid work-horse that worked great over years with the high quality of A&H or get a newer – faster – more powerful console like the iLive2 will be!)