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I thought about proposing it in the GLD range, too. But I see some problems with that. First of all, the features of the Qu32 would be enough. Yes, more FX slots would be nice, but many other things aren’t necessary for a 19″ device. Also the GLD offer only a very small amount of onboard preamps with XLR, limiting flexibility which is the essential thing I am after in a 19″ mixer. I’d also fear a GLD range 19″ unit would be made in the image of the R72, a thing I wouldn’t like at all. Only 12 faders and no channel strip at all? The good thing about the Qu series is that you can give tese mixers to anyone. Even digiphobes would grasp the concept. An R72 with almost no physical knobs is much more complicated to handle.
Also, yes, one could say the Qu is one fader per socket, but it wouldn’t be fully true. Just think of the stereo ins, the FX returns etc. It already causes a need to switch layers. So why not 16 faders (plus master fader) with more layers and for the money saved on another 16 faders and 16 preamps with XLR some simple displays? I think many people would even consider buying a Qu32 Compact if they’d only need a Qu16, because at the moment the Qu16 is the only realistic option for a 19″ digital mixer from A&H. (I know one could buy a R72 and an iDR16, but look at the price and still, the R72 is far worse to use).