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thank you everyone for all the replies and info. I’m not familiar with all the terms and different things that you all mentioned. You say it was flexible with the GS-R24 which I don’t have a clue about that board. Is it the same engine as the QU 32. All I need to know is if I can control using 32 faders from the QU32 and have the faders of my cubase react to them similtaniously. I move 1 and cubases 1 moves I move 4 and cubases #4 fader moves , I move 10 , 11 , 14, 22, etc. whichever and cubase mixer responds the same way. Is this possible or not. Sorry about my lack of knowledge . I’ll learn all that later if the answer to my question is a positive yas. It is basing my purchase decision. I hate quoting other brands here but it is possible on the tascam 4800 but it is in several layers which I can avoid with the QU32. Thanks guys. Maybe someone know where I can demo the board in Toronto , Ontario. It seems that it is available in Montreal I think but to far to drive for me.