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Nicola A&H

Hi all,

To clarify:

USB audio streaming
On Mac OS X it’s class compliant and has worked from day one.
On Windows it requires Qu firmware V1.4 or higher and the Qu Windows driver.

Control of DAWs
On BOTH Mac and Windows (with the Windows driver installed) the Qu MIDI messages are tunneled over the USB connection and can be manually assigned to any DAW that supports standard MIDI control (Pro Tools doesn’t). This is what dhak did with Reaper on PC.

The free DAW Control driver is Mac OS X only. Works with Qu firmware V1.2 or higher by translating the MIDI protocol to either HUI or Mackie Control. Generally allows easier setup, and bidirectional communication (the Qu faders will follow the DAW track levels and automation). Instructions for a number of DAWs are available on the Qu Software pages.

Hope this helps.