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Hi guys, thank you for your replies. I’m sorry I failed to mention that I have a pc running xp but will be upgrading to windows 8.1 64 bit.

Edit: just going by A&H’s website and documentation it claims in a few places that DAW control is for Mac only, but dhak appears to have DAW control in win7…hmm…

Hey dhak thank you for your info. I’m not familiar with reaper. It appears to be a class software program looking a bit like Pro Tools format. Maybe cubase has a different software engine than reaper that doesn’t allow DAW on a PC . I’ll have to do some more research. I’ll also check out the release notes as well. Thank you cornelius78 for your info. I did read that PC was not supported and only mac for the DAW but I was hoping that they were old posts and an upgrade was available.

Another topic I noticed was that the onboard effects cannot be recorded to the computor. I know usually everything should be recorded flat and I could add effects in the box but sometimes I like to ad effects like mild compression to the input while recording. Another hiccup for me. Thanks again