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AFAIK multitrack audio streaming (32 channels) via USB is supported on both Mac and Windows. ATM DAW control from the Qu is only supported on Mac.

The 32 faders on the Qu32 can be used to control 32 faders on your DAW using midi over USB/TCP, if your DAW is running on a Mac. There is a driver available on the A&H website to convert the Midi messages sent by the Qu to Mackie Control or HUI, which can be communicated alongside the original midi messages if your DAW prefers that, however, all of this requires a Mac. To quote from the A&H website: “DAW Control is compatible with Mac only.” It’s only the multitrack audio streaming that’s supported on Windows, not DAW control.

Edit: just going by A&H’s website and documentation it claims in a few places that DAW control is for Mac only, but dhak appears to have DAW control in win7…hmm…