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There is no actual physical insert for external outboard equipment!
The way that dpdan is a send, not an insert.
A way to get an insert would be to use an outboard mic preamp (and I guess we are talking studio scenario here) and feed that in to your outboard piece of equipment that you want to feed into the QU
I have seen all sorts of gadgets fed into mic inputs on desks down multicores from stage and at local desk inputs
However, if you are not wanting to use up a send and depending on what you want to use the signal for
you can.. get a signal from the “line input” as an “output” HOWEVER that is only if you are using the MIC input at “local input settings” NOT down dSNake.
Its quite weak signal but its there.
***Try plugging a balanced jack to jack between channels and use a “local input” with a mic plugged in on one of those channels.
You will see a signal appear at the second channel input where the balanced jack goes in.
The 1st channels gain controls the signal and you need to crank up the second channel.
OR you could drive a stereo unit from a LOCAL input , say a Radio Mic at the desk, into some sort of weird contraption and then bring that back into 1 of the ST1 2 or 3.
mmm that has me thinking, I have some analogue pitch shifters….
Its another way to get a Y connect

This is only for “local input though”

Just a few thoughts for you away from main stream thinking.

dave hodge AK (Auckland) dhak