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great questions…

I have just added a QU24 (as a side-car for the moment) next to my GSR to use as a midi controller and also with the possibility of using ME-1 as a headphone mix in sessions.
Not quite sure with all of that yet though. Thought I might put a loom between the Direct outs (from GSR)into the QU line ins.
Bit of experimenting to do…

watching with interest..


I do like the compression and effects quality.
I noticed the gate has a depth level so that might be good for live recording mix done? Although these days I’m not using a lot of gating.
I kind of like one mic over the drum set at this moment.

I experimented quite a bit with streaming USB-B I have to say it seemed to work really well.
And there was an interesting article I read about the amount of data you can get through USB2. Its good reading

• USB-B – Can you stream 16 or 24/44.1 tracks to/from the computer, or is it only 24 or 16/48?

I think the QU range is locked at 48k

Hope this helps and makes sense. :+}

dave NZ