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You don’t have to use a buss (FX Send) to send a signal to an effect. You can send it directly from any channel. So, say you wanted to send the snare drum to a plate reverb. Chances are that you only need that particular reverb for that one drum. So, why use a buss? A buss is for summing different signals and sending them all to the same “place”.

Read page 28 of the v1.5 Manual under Channel Routing screen
Try it.
Plug a mic into Channel 1 and set it up so you can hear yourself in the main output speakers.
Select Channel 1
Push the Routing Button next to the Touch Screen to open the Routing screen
Select the Tab labeled ch 1
From the Direct Out Source Drop-Down, select Post EQ (this is the point within the signal chain you want to “tap” the signal and it will very depending on what you want to do)
Press the FX Button next to the Touch Screen to open the FX screen
Add a reverb to the Effects Rack or select one already in there
Select the “Back Panel” (Page 44)
From the drop-down list on the left select “Insert
From the Input Drop-down list, choose “Ch 1
Talk in the mic again. You should here the effect.
Just below the Input drop-down there is a small slider labeled “D” (Dry) on the left and “W” (Wet) on the left. You can use the slider to control the Wet/Dry Ratio of the signal returned from the effect.

Note: I haven’t done this since I updated to 1.5. If you have named your channels, the name may show up instead of the default “ch 1”