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Hi Nicola,

AH haaaa…. I managed to get it right with your help.

First of all on the QU16:
Go to “Setup : Control : Custom Layer”

Select each of the channel boxes to “midi”
Then exit the menu and select the custom layer on the desk by pressing the two layers buttons simultaneously

here’s what I had to set in Reason:
Go to “Reason : Preferences : Control Surfaces”

Under Control Surfaces do NOT try and setup the QU16 as a mackie system of any kind – it simply will not work.
Choose “Add”, then when prompted in the next window, choose “Other” as manufacturer.
Then select “Midi Control Surface” under Model,
Then type a name for the device “QU16” for example,
Then Click “Find” on Midi Input and move a fader.
this will show the midi input as being only “QU-16 midi Out”

you’ll see a successfully added device in reasons preference once you complete this.

Now to map each control (its maybe a good idea to setup a standard 16 track recording “template / just a file that you open and re-save with a new name per each project” that you use for each of your recorded productions – this will save you re-mapping each time.

In reason : right click on a fader then choose “Edit Remote override mapping”
Now click on a fader in reason – then move the QU-16 fader that you want to have correspond the action to the reason fader.

sadly – this method does not allow the QU16 mute buttons to operate – but its the only way I have been able to get anything t operate at all. The mackie mode just does not work in Reason with the QU-16 – or if it does – I can’t figure it out.

thanks guys!


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