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I just talked to a church media director yesterday. They are wanting a new console for their multipurpose building. Like a gym but they do youth services in there with band. I installed the amps, speakers years ago. They are moving their main services in there end of August to do a major lighting upgrade in the main room. He says some of his musicians suggested a Presonus so they could have iphone mixing. I am pitching a QU32 knowing delivery won’t happen then. I would loan them my GLD 80 till I can get one. I tried to make him see that while they think that is cool I don’t get it. They still have to have a driver of some kind at each station. An amp, headphone, driver, personal mixer. They use Aviom in the main room. If they consider that then why need the iPhone app. What does it gain you? I pitched for 6 ME-1’s instead. Much better more reliable etc. If we were leaving the GLD they could move Aviom boxes over and run them off it. QU does not support Aviom. Not sure why that was left out. I guess to promote ME.

Anyway, I am fighting to save a QU sale. I can get them a Studiolive. I just don’t want to. QU just so much better.

I think it is a bit foolish to consider trying to play music and deal with a tiny screen to adjust a mix. Give me a tactile mixer any day.