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Just UPGRADED to the QU-24 from the Presonus 24.4,2 and I do mean upgraded!!! I am very happy with all that I am getting with it. I would like multiple iPad support because there are usually 2 engineers running on my gigs, one that generally handles the main mix ect… And our lighting guy handles the aux mixes. The musicians can communicate with him because he is generally closer to the stage and they don’t have to slow the flow of the show asking for adjustments. I understand this is a touchy subject on here, and if you don’t want or like the feature I get it… I personally don’t care if there is a phone app or not, but multiple iPad support would be a nice feature addition. I am very happy with the QU over all as I have been using A&H consoles for years. It’s the perfect product for my use, that being said, that one feature missing is my only complaint.