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Mervaka, I’m utterly bored of your police officer posts hunting people that don’t express their opinions as you would like them to or as you think it should be done, calling them “irrational”, “stupid”, “uncivilized”, “unfriendly”, etc, basically complaining about others complaining.
I just don’t care about your allergy to that kind of posts and I think you should just let go.

That being said… who cares about it? Is that allergy or this post of interest to *any body* in this forum? I guess not. Why don’t you just stay factual?
He wants the Qu16 to have a feature. He thought it would be part of it. All others have it. He did acknowledge the other features added for “free”. What’s your problem?
Why don’t you just get a ride on your bike, go out with your wife, meet some friends, or be a real volunteer police officer in the real world? That would mean something.

Apart from it, I don’t miss the feature being discussed about, specially as a musician. I’m happy I don’t have to take care about my own mix. Trying to play and sing well is difficult enough.
So for the record, I don’t see the need for this.