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To me it’s a bit like buying a car to be told after you’ve got it that it hasn’t got reverse. “Did they tell you it had reverse?” No, but I assumed it would have, as every car has reverse!

To correct your analogy, it’s like buying a car without even looking at it, to then be told after you’ve bought it that it hasn’t got electric windows. “No but I assumed it would have!” suddenly sounds really stupid.

I wouldn’t count multi client in a mixer as ubiquitous or as necessary as reverse gear in a car, no way. That’s a very unfair analogy. This is not to say I don’t want to see this feature. You just won’t see me complaining about a lack of it, either.

GCumbee’s right, you should probably think about using a different mixer if you need that particular feature so urgently. He’s also right about being tired hearing the fuss. While a good number of regular users here are very civilised and patient, there seems to be a very vocal minority of people who are very persistently negative and use attrition to be heard above everyone else. They cite the competition as a reason to get features XYZ implemented, and barely acknowledge any other new features added until ALL of their requested features are implemented. I’m utterly bored of these people.