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When you run a band with everyone on in ear monitors and you do the sound yourselves, it’s pretty frustrating that everyone can’t adjust their monitors themselves. I love my QU16 and I appreciate that it’s a great desk, and this update improves things further (channel naming is a massive improvement) – but it’s frustrating when I think of all the desks I chose from, the one I picked is the only one that still doesn’t have multiple ipads or multiple iphone / android app.

No, I’m not gonna buy an ME-1, if I had more musicians than I had auxes then I might consider it. I don’t want musicians on radio pack in ears to be permanently plugged into a unit and I definitely don’t want to spend £800 on 2 ME-1’s when I could buy a Behringer X32 rack or Mackie 1608 for £200 more and they would allow multiple Ipads, ipods, iphones and even an android app (on the X32). As soon as the mixer can do multiple ipads the ME-1’s will be worth next to nothing! The singers in my band already use Ipads for their lyrics so having the facility to fine tune their mix at a time convenient to them is ideal, whether it’s through the Qu-pad or a “my mix” app.

Hopefully A&H’s next update will have the multiple ipad thing sorted (I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said this) and this thread will be history. I have to say though, my patience is running thin. I bought the desk in Nov 2013 and for it still to be stuck on one ipad after this time is ridiculous. I will say that A&H have applied some much needed features to the QU and the QU-pad, they’re doing a great job. I really think that as soon as this desk can do multiple ipads or something to tweak auxes (like all the competitors have) this mixer will be perfect for me and many other users.

To me it’s a bit like buying a car to be told after you’ve got it that it hasn’t got reverse. “Did they tell you it had reverse?” No, but I assumed it would have, as every car has reverse!

It’s right that a simple error when a musician adjusts their mix could result in the FOH shocker but that’s why we need a separate app for tweaking auxes!

Rant over!