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Ok. Here I go again being the killjoy commenter. While I think the idea has some merit I just get frustrated hearing about spoiled musicians fussing about not having their own stage mixers. Come on. I grew up in 60’s playing music with 1 or 2 mains ONLY. Maybe a 5-8 channel mixer. No ind EQ. No compressor. NO aux channels. I sang playing drums. Rarely could I even hear much of the mains but I managed to sing on pitch and we made it work. Monitors only came into fashion in mid to late 70’s and separate monitor consoles maybe mid 80’s. I remember lots of big shows I did in 80’s with 1-4 mixes from FOH if we were lucky.
Ok that said, I am also not crazy about folks having their own control unless they are on IEMs.
I don’t want to chase feedback when their finger slips on a touchscreen. Folks need to be playing and singing. Not dipping into a mixer during or between every song like it is a bowl of popcorn.
I know that technology has progressed to this point but that does not always make it right. I can talk all day about those things.
So take it for what it is worth. I have been on both sides but today my rules dictate that I maintain control. I do some pretty large shows. I have done national TV shows and concerts. I have found over the years that I cannot relinquish too much control or it gets out of hand.
Again. This feeling in this case involves passive monitors not IEM. With IEM I really don’t care how bad they want to mess their ears up.

Ok. Rant done for today.