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Thank you for this very good update!

But i agree with the opinion that an iPhone and iPad App for the AUX channels would be a great feature – especially for bands without an sound-engineer. In fact: I had a Presonus 16.02 mixer and i was very satisfied for the price. I liked the Channel Strip technology – a real good mixer. But as is bought the Qu-16 the first impression was the much more better sound, the great effect sections and the great possibilities with the motor faders. For me the QU-Series from Allen & Heath is the best mixer in this price class. The sound of the mixer ist really fantastic – and this is the most important thing on a mixer.

I use the Qu-16 the most time in my home studio and i like the DAW functions so much. Thank you for this great product. Last week i bought a ZED-10FX for small gigs and i wondered how good this little mixer works and sounds. In the past i was a big fan of Presonus and Yamaha Mixers – this opinion has changed. I am very satisfied with products from A&H. And the best is: The products become more and more functions for free i didn’t expected. THANK YOU 🙂