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Awesome update for me! having names stored in scenes is exactly what i need for the several bands that i support!

Why do you compare to Presonus SL? There is a lot more in the Qu than in the Presonus! I’m shure you made a big jump in “quality” when you swapped to Qu-24 from a Presonus! Especially the reliability is one of the most important issue on a live-console! I never had any issue on my Qu-16 nor my GLD-80! Whereas i’ve had severel times to fight with freezed Presonus SL! As well the Audio-Quality of A&H Boards are just awesome and the processing works flawless! (I don’t wanna tell you about the motor-fader..)

However, if your happier with the Presonus – no one will charge you! But please don’t compare an apple with a pear! Keep requesting friendly and reasoned! As more user “thumb up” your request – as more you got the chance to see that in a next firmware!